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New episodes every Monday! 

In the meantime, stop by our website and social media to check out some special teasers for our weekly conversations!


New episodes every Monday! 

In the meantime, stop by our website and social media to check out some special teasers for our weekly conversations!



  • Role in WPCS: Brand Management and Campus Advertising Leader

  • Major: English

  • Class of 2019 

"And New York is the most beautiful city in the world? It is not far from it. No urban night is like the night there... Squares after squares of flame, set up and cut into the aether. Here is our poetry, for we have pulled down the stars to our will." 

-Ezra Pound


  • Role in WPCS: President and Impact Committee Chairwoman

  • Major: International Studies -  Communication & Media

  •  Class of 2019 

​​"Be that fearless girl, the one that would dare to do anything; be that girl who never backed down."

-Taylor Swift


The first time I met Diana was in an interview for With Purpose: College Station - super informal, right? She was so bubbly and ambitious in everything that she said. I knew she’d play a very important role in here. As time passed, I saw her ambition in action and became inspired. Watching someone who is so genuinely kind, works toward their passions, and still manages  to help others was incredible to see. She manages our website, creates graphics for our events and is always looking to make our organization better. We are very lucky to have her around. Outside of WPCS, she enjoys writing, obsessing over Rhett and Link, and chasing her dreams. Her biggest dream is to move to New York City. She stresses about making it, but I think as long as she continues to work as hard as she has for WPCS, she won't have an issue finding her place in the city.

- Danielle Roberson

Danielle…the first thing that I think about is her Taylor Swift phone cases. I say that in the plural form because I’ve known her long enough now that I’ve witnessed her transition into different ones. I’ve known her for 5 months. In that time though, I’ve been able to witness her powerful leadership abilities, her sweet and charismatic personality, and above all things, her devoted relationship to her cat, Taylor. Yes, she has enough room in her heart for two Taylors. If you ever get a chance to spend some time with Danielle, be sure to spend it as she’s driving in her electric blue Chevy Spark. It won’t only lead to an adrenaline filled joy ride but a friendship that you’ll never want to forget. She is too much to describe in one mini biography, but before I end, I'll say that she loves With Purpose just as much as Taylor (the cat and the human). Danielle is truly our Madame President.

- Diana Paredes



The vision of Talk With Purpose is to educate the public on pediatric cancer and how With Purpose plays a role in the childhood cancer community. We will do this by sharing our experiences in With Purpose, interviewing people in the childhood cancer community, and by talking about how we can all live our lives With Purpose.


The main goals of Talk With Purpose are to educate the public on childhood cancer and inspire people to make a difference in their daily lives while showing authenticity within our membership.


We are the Texas A&M chapter of With Purpose, a nonprofit that raises money and awareness for childhood cancer research.

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