3rd Annual Run With Purpose 5K

On April 23rd, the With Purpose: College Station team hosted our 3rd annual Run With Purpose 5K, which was my last to attend as a student and member of WPCS. Getting people to sign up to run at 2 p.m. in the Texas heat was no easy feat, and I believe I speak for the whole organization when I say we were relieved when race day finally arrived.

One of the best things about race day for me is to see all of the hard work that our members have poured into this organization all semester finally come together. Big or small, every member has something to offer; junior Chad Hursh designed our race t-shirt, seniors Patty Fichera and Kristin Murray provided their home as a meeting place for us to create the goodie bags and motivational signs, sophomore Dylana Nguyen volunteered to transport hundreds of t-shirts for us, and junior Jose Cairo used his truck to become the designated 'water station drop off guy'. Others came to the 5K prepared to help however possible, even participating in some of the least desirable tasks. For example, freshman Lily Maganza worked as a route flagger at her very first Run With Purpose 5K, missing out on some of our fun check-in activities but willing to do whatever was necessary to make the event successful. With forty members in WPCS, I could go on forever about how each and every one of them play an integral role in the continuation of not only our annual 5K, but also our organization as a whole.

Small victories make a big difference. When we secured Jamba Juice as a sponsor for the third year in a row after thinking we wouldn't, we all felt that success. When local news station KBTX arrived to cover the event without having been asked, we were all excited. When first place winner David Torkington finished the 5K in just over 17 minutes, we all cheered. It is in moments like these that the family atmosphere of our organization is front and center. When we make mistakes, we make them together; when we succeed, we do that together as well.

Nearly 70% of respondents to our post-race experience survey stated that they had not heard of With Purpose before participating in the 5K. These are people who might have never been exposed to our cause had we not hosted this event. For that reason, I consider the 3rd annual Run With Purpose 5K to have been a success. While I'm sad that this was my last time to attend the event as a student, I feel confident that our incredible members will continue to utilize their strengths and work together to make an impact in the Bryan/College Station community.

Courtney McIlvoy

WPCS President 2015-2017

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We are the Texas A&M chapter of With Purpose, a nonprofit that raises money and awareness for childhood cancer research.

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