Looking Forward: Year End Letter

Dear WPCS supporters,

With Purpose: College Station will enter its sixth academic semester next fall since its inception in spring of 2015. After starting as a group of ten students working on a service learning project in a public speaking class, we have flourished into a recognized student organization of around 40 members who execute fundraising events for childhood cancer research. Over the next year, we envision continued, but controlled growth in our organizational membership as well as an increase in our name-brand recognition both on campus and in the immediate community. This, in turn, will support the long-term sustainability of our organization as well as enable us to reach new fundraising heights.

Our organization seeks membership growth to maximize the amount of Texas A&M students to whom we can effectively reach and empower to be impactful members within their community, while in the name of supporting childhood cancer research. However, we recognize the value of controlled growth to ensure quality membership. Our organizational chemistry thrives in a setting where members and leaders can interact frequently and with ease. This promotes transparency, collaboration, and a clear sense of “team.” All of these attributes are fruitful to active membership participation and the emergence of new leaders. As a result, we will continue to embrace membership growth so long as it does not jeopardize this aspect of our organization.

Further, it will be incumbent upon leadership to create new, unique opportunities that complement our traditional events and activities and engage a growing membership. In this semester, our organization has begun devising strategic initiatives to do just that. We have added a new committee, the “Impact Committee,” to conduct independent analysis on childhood cancer advocacy groups and research-supporting organizations. Also, within our Community Advertising team, we have launched a “Chemo-Bag Drive” to collect items for all chemotherapy patients at M.D. Anderson Hospital. As we advance into the future, we envision creating more such initiatives, some of which will be even larger in scale. For example, our leadership has briefly discussed the possibility of an auction that could complement next fall’s marquee event. Such an initiative would require its own committee and leadership to schedule a location, acquire potential auction items, and attract key purchasers. We will review this further in the coming months.

Lastly, our organization will seek growth by further establishing our name-brand recognition on campus and within the surrounding community. This, in turn, will enhance our ability to plan and execute marquee fundraising events each semester. Our organization has traditionally relied on campus and community advertising efforts to increase awareness of With Purpose and our events. For example, we have utilized interactions with students, speaking opportunities, and television appearances to attract larger audiences to support our annual 5K race, “Run With Purpose.” In 2015, our first 5K fielded around 75 participants, a number that we then doubled to around 150 in 2016. In the coming semesters, we will continue to attract larger audiences to our signature fundraising events. And since we already have momentum with establishing our name-identification, the next step is to build upon it and develop relationships with public figures and key entities both on campus and in the community with whom we can partner to promote our events. Political, sports, and celebrity figures, as well as other organizations, attuned to, and willing to support, our cause will be vital to amplifying our organizational awareness and event participation. All of this, of course, will yield even larger amounts of fundraised dollars to support childhood cancer research. And we know that we can take With Purpose to this next level, in terms of growth in both name-brand recognition and quality membership, with the continued devotion from our loyal followers and the “team” atmosphere maintained and driven by our committed and ambitious membership.


Cole Stenholm

WPCS President 2017-2018

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We are the Texas A&M chapter of With Purpose, a nonprofit that raises money and awareness for childhood cancer research.

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