A Calling to Serve

Skimming through hundreds of emails on a Monday afternoon, I was determined to clean out my inbox. New year, clean inbox, am I right? In the beginning of the year, every student’s inbox gets flooded with organization recruitment emails, most of which I usually ignore. But this time, a certain one caught my eye. It read “BTHO Childhood Cancer, Join With Purpose.”

Purpose. Something I really struggled with finding my freshman year. What was I planning to do with my life? Who do I want to be surrounded with? What was I doing to make a difference?

I was in and out of organizations freshman year because I really felt like I did not have a purpose. I felt like I was just there. I never found somewhere I truly belonged and aligned with my personal values. I really felt a calling to serve, especially in the healthcare field, but I just never found an organization that gave me purpose.

I believe that the greatness and success of an individual rest not only on where one is on the mountaintop, but how far one is willing to walk through the valleys to assist another

individual in need. Everyone can be the instigator of change and hope in someone’s life amidst troubling times, and watching this happen firsthand is why I wanted to join With Purpose.

In a way, I have found myself through serving others, and I hope this organization gives me an outlet to grow as an individual and help other people. Being a part of an organization that’s bigger than myself allows me to grow and become a more well-rounded and caring student. This organization combines my love of serving of others with my passion of pediatric rehabilitation, and I am so privileged to be a part of it.

I live my life by the quote, “Do not expect to become perfect at once. If you do, you will be disappointed. Be better today than you were yesterday and be better tomorrow than you are today.” - Lorenzo Snow.

You never know how much potential you have until you push yourself every day to be better than you were yesterday. Some days are super rough but keeping that positive mindset of “I’ll do better” helps put me back in a positive mindset. Pushing myself to be better every day has allowed me to take advantage of what my education system has to offer. This has helped me grow as a student, but even more importantly, as a person. Pushing myself has allowed me to make a difference in so many people's lives - in the United States and abroad. I just know that my potential has not been reached yet, and I now have the ability to empower childhood cancer patients too.

This organization has already felt like home, and I cannot wait to see how many lives we are able to save through our work. I encourage everyone, everyone, to explore finding their purpose, because you never know what unexplored potential you have hidden within you. I’m ready to see what this journey brings, and I am ready to take on the challenge of “BTHO of childhood cancer.”

If you feel called to donate to our cause, please donate at give.classy.org/withpurposecs. Any amount helps!

Thanks for reading our post! You can find some of Danielle's social media linked below:

Instagram: @saragerges

Twitter: @gergessara

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We are the Texas A&M chapter of With Purpose, a nonprofit that raises money and awareness for childhood cancer research.

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